The Rules Of ~Pole~

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The Rules Of ~Pole~

Post  Guest on Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:07 pm

The Rules of ~Pole~
1.Treat ALL ~Pole~ memebers with the same respect YOU want in return.
2. When u join U MAY NOT make a brand new account if you cannot afford nx...PLEASE contact an administrator and we will try to help u the best we can.
3. If you have friends or 'family' that would also like to join u may not perform any admission tests you will need to have an administrator present!
4. IF you hack DO NOT USE IT IN TOURNY i will find out if u do and i WILL kick your ass!
5. The MOST IMPORTANT RULE! u better have a good time!
6. Lvl 10 is the Minimum level we allow.
7. Last of all dont b stingy if ur bpin n u hack n a fellow ~Pole~ is on INVITE THEM! Also, be social with every1 as much as u can!


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